Film Scanning

We offer two categories Consumer and Professional.

The Consumer scans are fairly inexpensive scans that give you about an
18MB file size that are good for at home printing or e-mailing(APS /
35mm / 35mm slides). On the CD you receive there is software for
viewing a slideshow of your images. Also on this CD you receive up to 4
different file sizes of each image (18MB down to kb sizes).

The Professional Scans are for those images that requires the
retention of color and detail. The scan are made with a High Resolution
Durst Sigma Film Scanner that allows us to scan uncut rolls or cut
negatives or positives . The Sigma has a unique designed diffuse light
source much like that of an enlarger. The Sigma also uses ASF's Digital
Ice to insure a high quality scan. We can handle film sizes from APS to
4x5 and deliver large file sizes from each. For example: APS up to
37MB, 35mm / 35mm slides up to 65MB, 120 up to +/- 200MB and 4x5 up to
320MB. The Sigma also does a great job with 35mm slides.

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